1990' terrace house  transformation 

Our client lived for about 8 years in this 1990 2bed terrace house and decided he needed more space for his family.

The obvious choice was to extend to the loft which had a decent headroom to achieve extra bedroom. Difficult bit was ,that like many recently build terrace houses it was very narrow at only 4m! So it give us a bit problems to design space which will flow nicely. Also current kitchen was to small for growing family so we asked for permission to get 4m deep extension (home owner application). As part of the project Ajax refurbished whole ground and first floor with 2 fitted bathrooms, wooden floors, and new lighting and plumbing. London famous hard water was sorted by installing water softener and new Megaflo tank and boiler has been installed. Both Loft and extension had bi fold doors  installed and some new skylights and Velux windows. So now house is flooded with natural light huge difference to before.

Loft is particularly nice with cleaver storage spaces under eves, with small wardrobes and large and deep drawers .We have used this design and our later loft conversions as for all our clients was a must have item!  

Owners were delighted and they received many compliments from his friends and neighbours .Some of their friends couldn’t recognise the house! They loved all the changes and layout remodelling we did the space and layout flow nicely with great energy. Both, internally and externally works were executed with care and good taste also very important was we worked to fixed budget and mange to finish on time and on budget!

As a grand finale house received a new Jungle like garden, which is still low maintenance and easy to care London garden to relax in those sunny days !   



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