Flat remodelling


Our clients bought this 2 bedroom ex council flat as a rental property in St Johns wood.

We had expertise in flat conversions in the same Estate. So to increase potential rental income and value of the of property (which needed refurbishment anyway), Ajax Builders applied for approval to convert this flat in to 3bedroom, 2 bathroom flat!

Owners are really busy and operating from abroad so we got a budget and free hand to complete the project. And we delivered as promised!

We have relocated kitchen which now is open plan, created separate en-suite shower room, relocated bedroom. New heating, flat was fully rewired and some led lights installed, main bathroom extended and we manage to fit in additional shower cubical. New wooden floors, some new fitted wardrobes, and full decoration. All interior design plans have been done in-house by AJAX architects

Project took us only about 9 weeks and every stage has been checked with council and freeholders inspectors.

With cleaver design and our ” know how” , we have not only refurbished it,  but with just layout change we achieved something which added great value ££££!




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